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Summer Reading List

Check Out These Great Sensory-Friendly Books for Children on the Autism Spectrum

There are so many wonderful books for kids on the autism spectrum. From interactive, sensory beginner books to stories told through the eyes of kids with autism and the people who love them, these books are sure to please. Because every reader is different, we’ve included several types of books on our summer reading list, but be sure to also check out our links to other lists below for an even broader range of titles. Happy reading!

  1. Benji, the Bad Day, and Me, by Sally J. Pla and Ken Min – A sweet story about Benji, who has autism, and his brother Sammy.
  2. Five Unique Unicorns, by Little Hippo Books – For all the unicorn fans in your life, this silicone board book introduces fascinating textures for little fingers to explore. If unicorns is not your child’s thing, Little Hippo Books has a range of touch-and-feel topics, from the solar system to vehicles.
  3. Just Right for You, by Melanie Hayworth and Celeste Josephine – Help your child understand autism through this loving and positive story.
  4. Nathan’s Autism Spectrum Superpowers, by Lori Leigh Yarborough – This 40-page book is told from the perspective of Nate, who has autism. It was written to help people better understand Autism Spectrum Disorder from an empathetic perspective.
  5. Never Touch a Monster, by Make Believe Ideas, Ltd. – A bright and happy book full of silly monsters and great textures. (Also available: Never Touch the Dinosaurs.)
  6. Point to Happy, by Miriam Smith and Afton Fraser – A creative take on interactive books, this volume comes with a pointer that children can use to answer the book’s questions, identifying concepts like emotions.
  7. The Ocean: Touch and Explore, by Nathalie Choux – The “Touch and Explore” series has a variety of interactive adventures, from the jungle to the farm. You’re sure to find something that your child connects with.
  8. This Beach is Loud!, by Samantha Cotterill – Written by an author who is herself on the autism spectrum, this story follows a boy with sensory sensitivities as he navigates a day at the beach, with a little help from his dad.
  9. Touch and Feel Jungle Animals, by Maria Mazas and Camille Roy – This lovely book engages children with a range of sensory elements.
  10. Touch! My Big Touch-and-Feel Word Book, illustrated by Xavier Deneux – This large, hardcover book introduces children to 150 words with 30 different textures, from bumpy to sticky.
  11. Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes Calm my Jitters Down, by Lindsey Rowe Parker and Rebecca Burgess – This picture book tackles sensory differences in a positive manner.


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