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Better Speech and Hearing Month

better speed and hearing wall in fbh office

What is “Better Speech and Hearing Month”?

In the month of May, “Better Speech and Hearing Month” is celebrated to raise awareness about communication disorders and hearing health. This month also celebrates all of the work that speech-language pathologists and Audiologists do to help improve speech, language, communication, and hearing!

What is speech-language pathology? 

Speech-language pathology is a healthcare field that specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of communication disorders, cognitive communication disorders, swallowing disorders, and voice disorders.  Speech-language pathologists work with individuals across the lifespan to improve speech and language abilities. The speech pathologists at Frazier Behavioral Health focus mainly on helping clients improve their receptive and expressive language disorders, social communication, functional communication, early intervention, AAC treatment and assessment, and speech production/articulation. 

What does the daily life of a speech-language pathologist look like?

As a speech-language pathologist, much of our day consists of working directly with patients and families. This can include conducting an evaluation for a new patient, providing direct therapy to patients, or educating families and caregivers. Behind the scenes, you can find us writing reports, planning therapy sessions, preparing and creating therapy materials, reviewing current evidenced-based research, providing education for other staff members, and collaborating with other professionals.

How are the speech-language pathologists at Frazier Behavioral Health celebrating speech and hearing month? 

We are celebrating at Frazier Behavioral Health in a few different ways. We are using social media to share information about speech, language, and communication, by sharing weekly “Talking Tuesday” tips for advice on how to build speech and language skills at home. In the office, we have some fun activities planned, including an activity for patients to highlight the speech, language, and communication goals. You can even check out an interview on social media with one of our own speech-language pathologists, Melissa Yusko, M.A., CCC/SLP, who will be sharing the importance of Better Speech and Hearing Month and speech-language pathology!

When should someone begin speech-language therapy services?

It is never too early to seek out speech-language therapy services! Even if someone is not sure if therapy is needed, an evaluation can be scheduled. A licensed speech-language pathologist can help identify areas of strength, as well as opportunities for growth, and recommend a plan of care. The plan of care may include ongoing therapy, providing education, or providing appropriate resources. Intervention can benefit anyone, and early intervention is key for future success. 

Frazier Behavioral Health is dedicated to delivering evidence-based, individualized therapy for children and adults with behavioral, physical, social, communication, and sensory issues. Our mission is to assist these individuals in becoming their best selves and create enhanced outcomes at home, at school, and in the community. Contact us today to learn more.

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better speed and hearing wall in fbh office

Better Speech and Hearing Month

What is “Better Speech and Hearing Month”? In the month of May, “Better Speech and Hearing Month” is celebrated to raise awareness about communication disorders and hearing health. This month […]