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Good Company: Summer Learning Loss

Joe talks with Alli Frazier about how you can help you children with learning loss that occurs over the summer.

Founder of Frazier Behavioral Health has ‘lived it’

Health care can be a complex issue for families that have children struggling with behavioral and social issues — something Allison Frazier knows all too well.

Good Company: Learning Hidden Social Rules

Joe talks to Alli Frazier about hidden social rules that neurodivergent people have to learn that others may not think about.

Good Company: Showing Love to Everyone in Your Family

Joe talks with Alli Frazier about how you can show love to neurodivergent family members this Valentine's Day.

Ask Alli: Different Ways to Say I Love You

Valentine's Day is around the corner, which means this whole month, people are thinking about how to show love to the people who matter the most. There are many ways to do this and when there is a neurodiverse individual involved, showing how you care can look unique.

Ask Alli: Monthly Micro-Resolutions for Your Neurodiverse Family in 2023

In this month's Cleveland Scene article, Alli discusses how micro-resolutions can help your neurodiverse family stay on track all year long.

Good Company: Helping Neurodivergent Family with Micro-Resolutions

Joe talks with Alli Frazier about some micro-resolutions that can help you and your family in 2023.

Frazier Behavioral Health Earns Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) Accreditation

The BHCOE Accreditation recognizes Frazier Behavioral Health as a "Behavioral service provider dedicated to continuous improvement in applied behavior analysis."

Ask Alli: Tips for a Successful Holiday Season from My Neurodiverse Family to Yours

If you are like Alli, regardless of what holidays you celebrate, navigating it with a neurodiverse family member takes extra thought and planning. Stress can come from both internal and external pressures about your child’s behavior. In an effort to ensure your holiday season is smooth sleighing, here are some tips Alli has learned over the years when raising her son with autism to make the holiday as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.

Good Company: How We Can Be Mindful of Our Family Members this Holiday Season

Joe speaks with Alli Frazier, CEO of Frazier Behavioral Health, about how we can be considerate of neurodiverse children's needs during the Holidays.

Ask Alli: The Importance of Putting a Child in Someone Else's Shoes

Often children and adults can struggle to think of the golden rule about treating others the way you want to be treated. That is why for this Q&A style Ask Alli segment, Alli is talking to a good friend and colleague of hers, Sara Rossman, who is a licensed speech-language pathologist at Frazier Behavioral Health. She will answer the most important questions about perspective-taking and offer advice for anyone living or working with kids with perspective-taking challenges.

Ask Alli: What I've Learned from Raising Siblings, a Neurodiverse Son and a Neurotypical Daughter

With Thanksgiving and large family gatherings approaching for many, Alli thinks this is a great time to look introspectively and appreciate the things she has learned from and loves about her family.

Good Company: Keeping the Peace During the Family Gatherings

Joe talks with Alli Frazier about the best ways to work with neurodivergent relatives during the holiday season.

Good Company: Having an Inclusive and Fun Halloween!

Joe talks to with Alli Frazier, CEO of Frazier Behavioral Health, about tips on trick-or-treating with neurodivergent children!

Introducing Ask Alli: The Best Tips, Tricks and Treats for an Autism and Sensory-Friendly Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for kids, and neurodiverse kids shouldn’t be left out of the fun because of frequent social interactions or uncomfortable costumes. As a mother to an adult son with autism, Alli has been through many Halloweens and hopes her advice will set you u for a successful and spooktacular night!

Frazier Behavioral Health Opens in Mayfield Heights

Frazier Behavioral Health has operated since 2019, caring for those with autism and learning difficulties. CEO Allison Frazier recently opened the practice's first physical location at 5885 Landerbrook Drive, in the Monarch Centre building in Mayfield Heights.

Good Company: Frazier Behavioral Health, A Place Where Everyone Belongs

Good Company: Frazier Behavioral Health, A Place Where Everyone Belongs

Open House Sept. 28 for Behavioral Health Clinic's New Location

Dozens of evidence-based, individualized therapy appointments are now available for children and adults with behavioral, social, communication, or sensory issues.

Frazier Behavioral Health is hiring

CEO Allison Frazier stopped by the Spotlight 5 studio to announce some of the positions they are currently hiring for.

Frazier Behavioral Health seeking new professionals to join their company

If you've been searching for a career in the behavioral health field, a Cleveland-based company might be just the place you're looking for.

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