In This Together

Offering families and schools consultation services and training on effective behavior management and support.


Our team of multidisciplinary specialists are sensitive to each family’s unique behavioral needs. This allows us to create comprehensive and customized plans for improved outcomes.


We serve as a consultative guide to K-12 public and private schools by providing tailored programs to train staff on effective behavior management and classroom intervention strategies for students with learning challenges.

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We Are All Unique

Our program is not one size fits all. We tailor plans to fit the specific needs of each family and school. Frazier Behavioral Health delivers individualized therapy for children and adults with behavioral, physical, social, communication, and sensory issues. Our mission is to assist these individuals in creating a better quality of life through personalized training for them, their family and their school.

Evidence-based Care
Our comprehensive services are based on the latest proven treatments and techniques. Our team of experts work together to create a fundamental approach for your child.
Care Where You Are
Life doesn’t just happen in an office. At home, at school in the community wherever you are we will be there! We provide on location services to build skills in real world situations.
Custom Care
Our licensed experts work with each individual to create custom, evidence-based therapies to enable them to reach their fullest potential.
Allison Frazier
“My son is my best teacher. Being a mom to a son with autism and experiencing firsthand the good days and the bad days, I made it my mission to provide the highest quality care to individuals and families going through the autism journey.”
- Allison Frazier, MA, BCBA, COBA
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“Having the services of a BCBA with availability to meet us at home and in the community to work on issues at the moment has been extremely useful and valuable to our family! I’d definitely recommend Frazier Behavioral Health as it’s made a huge difference in our lives.”
- Christine B., Mother
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“The services provided were exceptional and Alyssa did a great job keeping me informed of progress and strategies to use. She was on top of her tasks and made things very clear. She and I were able to exchange ideas very well and had great communication with each other. We worked well together, as the best interests of the student were evident and a priority for both of us.”
- Matthew Laurenzi, 5th Grade Teacher, Saint Albert the Great School

*Frazier Behavioral Health asked Christine B. and Matthew L, as past satisfied customers, to provide these reviews.