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Ask Alli: Frazier Behavioral Health, A Place Where Everyone Belongs


September, 27, 2022, WKYC Good Company

CLEVELAND, Oh. (WKYC)-It’s back to school time and you might notice your child might have some learning issues. Joe recently visited a newly opened behavioral health clinic, Frazier Behavioral Health, to learn all about their new office in Mayfield Heights and what services they are providing to help kids of all ages. 

Alli Frazier, CEO of Frazier Behavioral Health, is a board-certified behavioral analyst with 15 years of experience helping neurodiverse children reach their full potential. As a mom of a neurodiverse child herself, she really understands how these parents feel and what they go through. “Anytime I give parenting advice I start with the caveat that we are all a work in progress,” Alli said. 

Previously Frazier Behavioral Health offered only in-home and in-school therapy services, but now with their new clinic, they are able to offer other services such as speech and psychological services. With this new clinic, their staff of talented and tenured Speech-Language Pathologists and Psychologists will be able to help build up communication skills and social skills for each individual that comes through their doors.

Frazier Behavioral Health will be holding an open house tomorrow at their location at 5885 Landerbook Drive, Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Mayor DiCicco will do the honors of helping cut the ribbon at 1 pm. From 1 pm-5:30 pm, they are opening their doors to all community members to allow them to tour the space and meet the staff. 

Alli wants everyone to take away one thing the new clinic. “This is a place where everyone belongs.”, Alli states, “As a mom of a child with autism it’s hard to find a place where we feel really comfortable and where we belong, but we hope that we are creating that environment here at Frazier Behavioral Health.” 

Lastly, Alli introduced her recurring segment with Good Company called Ask Alli. Each month she will join Joe to help answer questions from parents in the community. Her first segment is all about homework tips. Alli suggests starting by setting a schedule and sticking to it. She also suggests setting up the environment for success by removing any distractions (Ie. TVs, tablets, siblings, pets, etc.). Lastly, separate the big overwhelming projects into small steps and celebrate each success as they come. 

To request a consult or connect with the experts at FBH, give them a call at 216-446-2944.

You’ll find them at 5885 Landerbrook Drive, Suite 310, Mayfield Heights, Ohio

To watch the full segment on WKYC’s website click here.