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Frazier Behavioral Health Creating Painted Playscapes at Local Schools

Painted playscapes are part of the CEO’s vision to create a place where everyone belongs

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, O.H., August 3–  A team of behavioral health professionals are rolling up their sleeves and picking up a paintbrush to create painted playscapes at local schools as a service to the community. They recently visited St. Ambrose School in Brunswick to turn part of the playground into a colorful and inclusive oasis, where kids of all abilities are welcome to play. The FBH team painted the following playscapes: four square, a basketball key, and the copycat game, where children mimic each other as they play. 

CEO of Frazier Behavioral Health, Alli Frazier, said, “As an autism mom, I know that not all playgrounds are successful for kids with social challenges. That’s why I encourage schools to consider adding a painted playscape. Just a little paint on the hardscape can provide the structure a lot of kids need in order to engage with their peers. We want all kids to have a chance to interact with friends during recess.”

Frazier Behavioral Health is giving back to the Cleveland community in this unique way and encourages schools to take action and “copy cat” their plan to make playgrounds more inclusive for all types of learners. Principal of St. Ambrose School, Lisa Cinadr, believes the benefits to her school will be tremendous.

We are thrilled and so grateful for Frazier Behavioral Health and the amazing gift given to our Angels! Allison, Nathan, and Emily worked so hard to create beautiful playground spaces for us. Our students will return to school with fresh and bright playground games because of Frazier Behavioral Health’s care and generosity,” Cinadr said.

If you are interested in learning how to create a painted playscape, contact [email protected], and for more information, go to

Established in 2019, Frazier Behavioral Health is a behavioral health clinic dedicated to delivering evidence-based, individualized therapy for children and adults with behavioral, social, communication, and sensory issues. Frazier Behavioral Health continuously strives to further its mission of assisting individuals in becoming their best selves and creating enhanced outcomes at home, school, and in the community.

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