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Photo of Frazier Behavioral Healths lobby

Founder of Frazier Behavioral Health has ‘lived it’

May 8, 2023, News-Herald

Cleveland, OH – Allison Frazier, a mother whose son was diagnosed with autism, founded Frazier Behavioral Health in 2019 to address the challenges faced by families dealing with children struggling with behavioral and social issues. Frazier, who previously worked at the Cleveland Clinic and taught courses in learning and behavior, saw a need for more comprehensive services for the growing population of children with learning disorders.

Frazier Behavioral Health offers services both in-house and in classrooms, collaborating with schools to develop plans for children with specific accommodations. They provide direct interventions and instruction, utilizing a flexible approach that extends beyond traditional settings. The organization aims to support families by offering services in various community contexts, including religious services, medical appointments, and amusement parks.

Leslie Speer, the clinical director at Frazier Behavioral Health, highlights the stigma and misconceptions associated with autism and developmental disorders. The demand for providers in this field is rising, but there’s a challenge in recruiting professionals who might be hesitant due to a lack of training or a perceived scope mismatch. Frazier and Speer are working to bridge this gap by addressing misconceptions and offering meaningful opportunities for up-and-coming providers to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families facing these challenges.

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