ABA Therapy

The family unit is the foundation for neurodiverse individuals, which is why we work collaboratively with parents/guardians to understand the unique needs of their child. We focus on managing challenging behaviors, improving skills, and establishing healthy family dynamics through personalized consultations and tailored care plans.


School Services

We partner with K-12 public and private schools as a consultative guide in effective behavior and classroom interventions for students with learning challenges. We equip administration, teachers and staff with the tools needed for their students to succeed. Our specialized team has experience in special education administration with proven strategies.


Speech and Language Therapy Services

Speech-Language Therapy services focus on building a variety of skills that help your child not only listen, but speak and communicate in a more clear and effective way. Our team works directly with you and your child to build an individualized care plan to build on strengths and work through challenges together. 


Psychology Services

Our psychologist and clinical assistants can support the whole family in identifying what strategies work best for your child and family to increase emotional regulation and make life feel just a little more manageable.


Virtual Diagnostics

The waitlist for in person psychological assessments can be up to 2 years in some areas. We can often help within 6 weeks of contacting us. The diagnostic assessment is a total of 4 appointments and includes parent interviews, play based assessment, standardized psychological assessments, standardized speech and language assessments, results session, and optional 5th appointment for pathway navigation.

*At this time, we are unable to serve the children of Cuyahoga County.


Care Pathway

If your child was newly diagnosed with autism or a related condition and you feel uncertain about your path forward, we are here to assist you with navigating this journey. It is difficult to identify all of the needed services and to process all of the life changes associated with a new diagnosis. Our psychologist and her team are here to help.