Evidence-Based Solutions

Evidence-Based Solutions

We partner with K-12 public and private schools as a consultative guide in effective behavior and classroom interventions for students with learning challenges. We equip administration, teachers and staff with the tools needed for their students to succeed. Our specialized team has experience in special education administration with proven strategies. This first hand knowledge guides how we work together!

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Student Focuse

Student Focused

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)

Our multidisciplinary approach to FBAs and BIPs identifies reasons for persistent challenging behaviors and establishes replacement strategies to help students thrive.

Direct Instruction To Students

Each student has specific needs identified in their individualized education plan (IEP). Our team of intervention specialists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) can address these requirements through:

  • Discrete trial and naturalistic developmental teaching approaches 

  • ​Whole group, small group, or individual social skills instruction

  • ​Teaching of emotion regulation with calm down strategies

  • Building student  skills in organization and executive functioning

  • Teaching self manageme​nt skills needed for community inclusion

Staff Training and Professional Development

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that teachers and staff have to juggle much more than they did years ago. Our team provides interactive training and tailored resources for professional development based on the unique behavior management needs at your school.

On Site Behavior Training for Teachers and Therapy Staff

Professional development alone is often not enough for a teacher to feel comfortable implementing behavior strategies. After spending time with your teachers getting to know their students and their needs, we can demonstrate and coach in real life situations how to properly de-escalate and work through a behavior challenge.

Fieldwork Supervision for BCBA Candidates

As your teachers and therapy staff pursue BCBA certification, our team can provide on site supervision following the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) standards.

Administration Consultation on ABA Program Development

Most children are capable of learning at their respective school with appropriate behavioral support and services. Your administration can rely on our trusted advisors to create and facilitate effective, evidence-based programs that tackle developmental and behavioral challenges on campus. Our expert team has experience in specialized autism school administration with proven successful strategies. This first hand knowledge guides how we work with you!

On-Site Extended School Year (ESY) Camp Programs

With years of experience developing nationally award winning skill building camps, we can partner with your school to facilitate a summer camp to target IEP goals. Our licensed education staff will provide evidence-based intervention and support intended to enhance student development. Our camps are geared towards creative expression, developing social skills, and sharpening academic readiness.

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